Patented Distributed ArchitectureTM Design

Higher energy output inverter system for 150kW and larger solar solutions with reliable distributed architecture design.

Completely Different from the Rest:

The Distributed ArchitectureTM design of the RAY-MAX® Power Island Inverter system has proven itself in the field with higher energy output results measured at 10 sites, totaling 30MW, installed solar solutions.  The RAY-MAX® Inverter System incorporates a patented distributed architecture which optimizes low light energy harvesting.  These systems are capable of exporting energy starting at 500 watts for early morning, late evening, and cloudy conditions.

The Best Solution:

AC Energy Output – Higher performance

Predictive models and customer validation document higher energy output with the Nextronex RAY-MAX® Inverter systems.  Low light energy harvesting, distributed architecture, and equipment reliability are a few of the factors that translate into higher ROIs for our customers.

Patented Distributed ArchitectureTM – Optimized energy harvesting

Nextronex inverters begin exporting energy at only 500 watts and continue optimizing inverter performance during early morning, late afternoon, and cloudy conditions.  Nextronex funnels the entire array’s output to as few inverters as needed, allowing each to run at peak efficiency.

Reliability – Inverter system uptime and extended lifetime

Distributed ArchitectureTM enhances reliability by dedicating multiple inverters to an array such as the entire array, up to 2 MW is available to feed every inverter via a DC bus. In this configuration, all the available energy is feeding as few inverters as needed at any instance in time.

System Efficiency – Design and installation

1,000 V DC configurations, with low profile inverters for center-of-array placement, represent a 40% increase in operating voltage and a 40% reduction in home run wiring. Transformerless inverters, operating up to 98% efficiency, feed our medium voltage, air-cooled, TP1 Load Centers to combine the functions of a low voltage inverter side with a medium voltage step-up to 15 and 25 kV class. This allows the system to achieve an overall efficiency of greater then 96%.

Smart Controller – Optimizing your investment

The smart-grid ready Smart Controllers handle all inverter sequencing, monitoring, and telemetry functions with automated communications of data with Nextronex-supplied revenue grade metering.

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Technical Design Factors and Their Benefits:

1000 V solution

  • Wire savings and less wiring loss

Distributed Architecture

  • We funnel up to 2MW of panels to as few inverters as needed at any instant of time
  • Reliable because inverters rest more then they run
  • If there is a faulted unit, it is automatically bypassed to generate 100% of the available energy 98% of the time
  • Ease of maintenance and repair because there is no need to take the system down for repairs

Transformerless Inverter

  • Optimal coupling voltage
  • Highest system efficiency
  • Proprietary Load Center for MV output class meets all utility safety and grounding requirements, and eliminates 480 V Bus and Panel Boards

System Controller:

  • SCADA Built in
  • SMART Grid Ready
  • No need for 3rd party monitoring
  • Revenue grade meters and weather systems available
  • Wireless modem included
  • Web based
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